"V1" used by airline pilots to indicate the readiness for take-off. V1 is the velocity at which stopping the aircraft is no more an option. It is committed to take off.

V1RADIO, Melbourne's Deep House and Dance net station holds the exact same concept. We're about bringing the European summer vibe to Australia while carefully handpicking tracks that build up to invoke pure tension and excitement, climaxing where there’s only one thing that can satisfy your emotional need, a bass drop to take you even higher!


You know what we're talking about!


John and Dan, brothers from Melbourne Australia with a passion for music cultivated a sound that was lacking locally. They formulated a new sound that sets V1RADIO apart from the rest, no commercials, 100% House, Deep House and Dance 24/7.

Together they spend tireless hours each week to deliver the finest in music by local artists, to international DJs and beyond.


V1RADIO is a deep house and dance net station, broadcasting live and free in HD from Melbourne Australia with a selection of fresh tracks and unique remixes as well as weekly programs from renouned DJ's and artists locally and from around the world including London, Germany, Switzerland, USA and Canada!

Our sound is defined as uplifting, keeping you in an elevated mood while creating a sense of familiarity and excitement for our listeners.


V1RADIO can be heard while on vacation, in the office or working from home, in the car or simply in the comfort of your own space.

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