Welcome, friend!

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Thank you for your interest in being part of V1 RADIO, the deep house and dance net station to hit Melbourne Australia.

There are a few things we need to cover before we continue, it's the boring but important bits that we need you to agree on before we move forward.

Presenter/Show Agreement


This is an agreement between V1 RADIO and yourself.

As a volunteer, you agree to comply with the station policies and procedures as outlined below.

1. As a host/presenter you will make a commitment to complete all allocated timeslots agreed with yourself and V1 RADIO which includes ensuring pre-recorded shows are delivered at least 2 days before airing.

2. You will inform V1 RADIO if you cannot commit to a scheduled show time at the earliest possible time, preferably one week in advance to replace (or repeat) the show. 

3. Agree to take broadcasting privileges seriously, and will to the best of your ability, do your utmost to prepare and present your program to the highest possible standard.

4. An initial trial period of 6 weeks will be granted to any presenter/show host. After 6 weeks, we may review your content to ensure it continues to meet the desired sound we are looking for;

5. The music choice must be of a House, Deep House, Electro House, Euro House, Dance, and Club.  


Failure to Broadcast

Being that V1 RADIO follows a strict timeline and are enthusiastic to keep you moving with us, the following will apply if you fail to supply your committed mix:

1. It is critical that all mixes are submitted no later than two days prior to broadcasting;

2. If you are not able to meet the two-day prior deadline, you must contact V1 RADIO as soon as possible;

3. If you cannot provide a mix, V1 RADIO will play a repeat of a previous show. If no contact is made;

4. At the discretion of V1 RADIO, removal of your show/timeslot may be removed completely with notice.

Self Promotion

1. You may use any social media platform to promote your show/song on V1 RADIO ensuring to tag V1 RADIO when posting. 

2. Competitions and giveaways are not permitted.

3. You may repost/share your show on 3rd party podcast providers after your show has been aired.

4. As a guest, we encourage you to self-promote as much as possible on your social media platforms to attract listeners, let them know you're on the air!

5. On occasions V1 RADIO may highlight you on their social media platforms, keep an eye out!

6. At the discretion of V1 RADIO, you may be invited for a featured article on our "News" page which will require you to provide a write of yourself including a picture of yourself/brand.

7. We ask that you add "Resident DJ/Show on @v1radio" in your Instagram bio to advise your followers where your show is played.

Promoting V1 RADIO

1. Please add @v1radio in your Instagram Bio if you are a resident DJ or if your show is played on a scheduled timeslot.

2. V1 RADIO have the following handles:

  • Facebook: @v1radio

  • Instagram: @v1radio

  • Twitter: @v1radio

  • TikTok:   @v1radio.net

Please take the time to follow us on our socials.

3. You will only use authorised V1 RADIO imagery and logos when self-promoting on your social media accounts. 

4. If hosting, you may download and use all V1 RADIO sweepers/Station ID's as part of your show.


Please note that V1RADIO operates as a non-for profit net station, we do this purely out of passion and it's something that we felt Australia needs (more than the average commercial radio station sound and more diverse music/sounds), therefore we don't pay royalties and we rely on cross-promotion with the applicant to assist in both exposing yourself (the artist), and in return the station through various shoutouts on each of our social media platforms. By proceeding with your partnership with V1 RADIO, you will agree to the above-mentioned.


Please contact the team at V1 RADIO to obtain access to our Radio sweepers/DJ Drops and official logos to use as part of your promotional material.