Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Relax, chill, be lazy and get ready for "Sunday Lunch" vibes with Em i6.

V1RADIO is excited to introduce Em i6 all the way from Basel Switzerland to the Australian airwaves!

Em i6 takes her name from the British Secret Intelligence Service. What she does in the daylight hours was something of a mystery to her friends. What was and has always been understood is her lifelong love of music and movement.

Emma has a lifetime of music coded into her DNA. An early student of dance, she began her journey studying more traditional styles. Absorbing music through movement has always been her primary passion. Yet as her studies grew more competitive, Emma found other ways that dance could bring her joy. Whether it was making dance routines in the schoolyard or practicing yoga, the backdrop of music has always been present.

Her love of dance music sparked while dancing to a multi-genre patchwork of beats in a gigs and festivals all over the UK. She spent years soaking up everything about dance music culture. Yet it wasn’t until a trip to Defected Croatia that she was overcome with the inspiration to create peak dancefloor experiences for others. After a massive week of house music, she rushed home to create her first mix jammed with the tracks she had collected.

Her eclectic taste in music includes more than just dance. She loves bands and has fond memories of dancing to the Beach Boys in 2005 after her tent had been flooded at Glastonbury. It’s moments like these that define her musical experience. When although her tent was lost to the weather, and she only had the clothes on her back, she could still find immense joy in the company of others and the warmth of a good beat. This feeling informs her two-pronged approach to DJing. When agent Emi6 is “Undercover” she’s transporting you to the beaches of Ibiza, drink in hand, shoulder shuffling to something as cool as your cocktail. When she’s “On A Mission” it’s time to get down. That’s when those basslines start kicking and the dancing shoes go off!

With a unique ability to make anything she plays into your new favorite song, she’s started to eke out a place within the club scene. You can find her sharing her wonderfully eclectic approach on Influx Radio, NowayFM, and Dub Frequency.

You can find Em i6 on her socials or every Sunday afternoon from 12:00pm noon Australian Eastern Daylight Savings time!