Updated: Nov 10

V1RADIO is proud to present Hitch, a 21 year old producer from Melbourne, Australia. Giving it a good hard crack by producing his very own mixes!

He has been working with many different styles ever since he started making music 4 years ago and is still in the midst of finding his own element as he evolves as an artist and forming an identity.

Hitch generally works with various genres including future bass, trap, house, and downtempo.

I've been writing and producing music for several years now. I've been recognised by artists like Just A Gent, Don Diablo, BAYNK, Bombs Away, Jaron, El Bee, Teqkoi, Juelz, and more. My sound is constantly evolving and I'm only just beginning to enter the DJing scene. I have DJ'd a couple of sets in the past.

Hitch says "My biggest inspirations would have to be Flume, Disclosure and Point Point. So far I've released an album 'Dream Alive' and two singles under AIA (, and a recent single with Bombs Away's label Multiplayer Records".

Currently I am experimenting with different genres and styles that best represent my sound, but more importantly who I am and how I can best express myself through my music. I produce trap, future bass, downtempo and house music. A lot of the time it's a fusion with different styles.

Catch Hitch every Friday night from 9:00PM AEST To find out more about Hitch, check out his socials on Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, and Spotify!

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