Updated: Nov 10, 2021

V1RADIO presents Nck & Josh Anton!

About Josh

"AUDENTES FORTUNA IUVAT" that translated from Latin literally means "fortune favours the brave" is Josh Anton's motto, and the mean by which he lives his life. This is the reason why in 2019 he chose to leave Italy for London, where he had no connections, in order to study "Music Production and Sound Engineering" at Point Blank Music School.

Music has always played a major role in Josh's life, for example it is the reason for his early interest in the English language. He reached a high level from a young age with the only purpose of understanding the lyrics of the songs he heard on the radio. This circumstance will prove very useful in his future songwriting.

At 13 the release of Animals by Martin Garrix introduced him to the art of DJing that he picked up mostly as a "cool kid activity". Little did he expect to irreversibly fall in love with this job. He soon realised that playing other's people music wasn't enough, he wanted to play his own, so two years later he started taking piano lessons and embarked into house music production. The first song released on SoundCloud was a collaboration with his childhood friend Nck. They reunited on their latest song, Don't Belong.

London was a revelation for Josh, inspiration, connections, growth. His attention expanded to various genres that were blended in a constant experimentation. Especially, Josh's attention was grabbed by hip hop beats of which he started producing huge quantities. During his second term in London Josh met the Belgian rapper Sheitan. Soon they started a friendship that evolved in a proficient collaboration. The result of this is a series of singles, coming out in the next months, that space from electronic music to trap to more traditional rap.

About Nck

Niccolò Nascimben, alias Nck, is 18 years old and lives in Italy near Venice. He has always given rhythm to his life and that of others: at the age of two and a half years, the cooking pots were his first drum set!

Music has always taken a big part of Nck's life: he still plays the drums after 12 years of study and can count numerous performances in public. At the same time he developed a strong interest in electronic music by taking inspiration from Avicii. The world of production and mixing has been with him for 4 years and thanks to his efforts he has already reached about 100k global streams.

This journey began at the age of 15 when he signed the first of his many record deals establishing himself in the House and Pop genres. This adventure, which started alone, is opening up to other collaborations, in particular with Josh Anton, a friend since childhood. Nck is energetic and prepositive, there are many projects on his way, so get ready!

Check out Nck & Josh Anton with their latest hit "Don't Belong" premiering this Saturday night at 9:00PM AEST.

Check the guys out on Instagram (Josh Anton and Nck) and SoundCloud!