V1RADIO is super excited to presents Nick Jay!

Nick Jay is a Melbourne, Australian DJ, music producer, songwriter, and remix artist. He is

known for his distinctive style, and his music is often categorised as house, dance-pop, or


He started his DJ career in 1994 at the age of 17 landing his first gig in a small club in

Townsville, Queensland, being influenced by the euro club sound at the time and acts such

as Real McCoy, Culture Beat, 2 Unlimited, and Urban Cookie Collective.

Back in 2000, Nick started playing around, making bootlegs and unofficial remixes. However, his first major success came with his original house-style track ‘I Don’t Give a Damn’ which was released on Ministry of Sound (Hussle Australia) in 2006 and peaked at #11 on the Australian ARIA Charts and got licensed all around the world.

In late 2016, Nick launched a production alter ego called MOPO. Signing the first release to

American dance label, Swishcraft Music, Reinterpreting the D:REAM classic, “Things Can

Only Get Better”.

After a four-year hiatus and to cap off 2020, Nick has returned and tastefully honoured

MOTIV 8's iconic 'Rockin' for Myself' through his release of the same name peaking at #20

on the Australian ARIA charts followed by ‘Tonight (Dance with Me)’ peaking at #8 on the

official UK Pop Charts.

More recent released include the 80s inspired Chasing Neon and Break The Chain.

Having recently collaborated with a wide variety of artists from the UK, USA, and Australia,

the future is looking good with several brand-new tracks ready to be shared with the world.

Catch Nick Jay's new release "Break the Chain" debuting this Saturday night 13th of November at 7:00pm AEDT and thereafter on high rotation (just in case you miss it!).

Find Nick Jay on his socials on Facebook, Spotify and Instagram!