Updated: Nov 10, 2021

V1 RADIO presents Shakedown radio with Chris Caggs!

Those who were fans of "STR8OUT Radio" circa 2012 (we used to be them!) would remember we had a weekly show called "ShakeDown Radio with Chris Caggs", it's with pleasure we welcome him back to our airwaves almost 10 years later!

If you are looking for a unique blend of EDM, RnB, and Hip-Hop, then allow Chris Caggs to bring ShakeDown Radio Podcast to your doorstep. Podcasting and Radio's tasteful approach is from over 22 years of experience, starting on his first radio show for Sydney's 99.3 Pump FM Bedroom Vibes. He brought vibes and tunes into the airwaves. In his first radio show on the station, he starred that it was one of the first hip-hop stations in Australia. You can access the ShakeDown Radio podcast on DJPod and as an RSS feed in Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts. If you want to know why you want to make ShakeDown Radio Podcast one of your favorites, please consider the numerous radio stations with Chris Caggs as the host.

All these interests are evident in his podcast because it reflects its experience and worldview. Chris Carragher has more than 20 years of broadcasting experience. He is not a newbie in the Australian music industry, and Chris Carragher is known as Chris Caggs. Chris is one of the people who is revolutionizing the Australian broadcasting industry with his unique ideas and methods of broadcasting and podcasting. If you have listened to many Chris Podcasts and radio shows, you will never be able to meet his needs. Therefore, he brought himself to millions of fans in Australia and the world through Shakedown Radio Podcast. Through the unique broadcasting technology that pushes radio broadcasting to new heights, Shakedown Radio Podcast has made its debut as the future of radio broadcasting.

Chris Caggs has been featured on stations like:

Queensland 4Play FM – Dance/EDM

Perth's Tune 1 Radio – House/EDM

Sydney's Starter FM – House/EDM

Sunshine Coast Queensland's Liquid Radio – House/EDM

Brisbane's Urban Movement Radio – RnB/Hip-hop

Sydney's MixxBosses Radio – Music/Talkback radio

Melbourne's STR8OUT RADIO – Dance

Brisbane's Mix It Up Radio - RnB/Dance

North Shore's 99.3 Pump FM – Dance/RnB

Northside's 99.3 2NSB FM

Burwood Sydney's 88.1 2RDJ-FM

Sydney Inner Suburbs and CBD's 87.6 DJ FM Dance Radio

Brisbane Metro Wide's 97.3 Groove FM

Sydney Metro Wide's 94.5 and 96.9 Groove FM

Melbourne's V1RADIO - Dance/House

Chris Caggs is also an award-winning radio DJ. He has been featured in:

Request Magazine

Radio Info Newsletter

The Place Magazine in North Queensland

Player FM

The Music Network


Revolver Mag

Three-D World Magazine Sydney

Scene Magazine Brisbane

The Queensland Independent

North Shore Times

Besides Radio, Chris Caggs also enjoys traveling, films, music, and socializing. He has been to over 26 different countries, including New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Europe, Asia, and the United Kingdom.

All these interests are evident in his podcast because it reflects his experience and worldview. You will be amazed by the fantastic concerts on ShakeDown radio stations

Catch Chris Caggs ShakeDown Radio every Saturday from 9:00PM AEST.

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