Updated: Nov 10, 2021

V1RADIO is pumped to be launching yet another Australian artist on V1 airwaves!

To wrap up what was a long and tiring year, the Sydney based music artist and vocalist launches her epic new album "It's In My Name", delivering a punchy yet smooth electro house track "Scorpio Szn".

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, STAMINA is a Pop and Electronic Dance Music (EDM) singer/songwriter, with focuses on Electro-Pop, House, and Dance music. The twenty-seven year old artist started her career in 2013 by uploading cover songs to YouTube and shortly after began singing at bars and clubs in Sydney, Australia, and Denver, USA between 2014 to 2019. During that time, STAMINA was featured on various tracks from global DJs and producers, but 2020 is the year that her first original EP is set to release!

Melding Electronic Dance, House, and Pop-EDM sounds, STAMINA’s EP ‘It’s In My Name’ will encompass Electro-House and Electronica vibes with a unique sound all of her own. Born Stamatina to immigrant parents from Greece and Indonesia, STAMINA’s artist name is an ode to the incorrectly pronounced name people would often mistake for Stamatina. It also serves as a metaphor to her persona and life in general, having triumphed through many personal struggles.

Growing up in an immigrant family with a strong academic focus, STAMINA in fact started out on an altogether different path, achieving a double degree in Laws and Arts (International Relations) (LLB/B. Arts) at the University of New South Wales and briefly practicing as a commercial lawyer. Although she had always known that this was not her true passion, it took a few years and lots of courage for her to commit full-time to pursuing music as her career. After the loss of her father as a teenager and much soul-searching via a Gap Year of globe-trotting and a short stint in USA, she moved back to Sydney to dedicate herself to her passion. A true passion has a strange gravitational pull and, despite the risks, STAMINA knew she had to follow her dream of working in music. On returning home she set the wheels in motion, leaving her corporate career behind, and setting off on her own personal journey.

STAMINA’s passion for music had begun at home. A rich tapestry of cultural influences in her household saw her listening to traditional Greek music – always singing (and dancing) around the house. Growing up in a home and hometown of diverse influences, STAMINA’s musical influences stem from her Australian hometown of Sydney, sprinkled with her Mediterranean and Asian heritage. Dabbling with music at school but emerging as an utterly self-taught raw talent, it was in 2013 that STAMINA began uploading her own output to YouTube. From there she took her rapidly developing skills as a vocalist to bars and clubs in Sydney and then Denver, USA, until 2019. These experiences crystallised STAMINA’s passion. 2020 is the year that she decided to launch her own solo project. With a debut EP set to drop before the year’s close, STAMINA is finally announcing her unique and powerful ability to the world.

With a diverse source of influences stretching beyond the world of EDM into Pop, RNB and Soul, STAMINA grew up absorbing the iconic vocal stylings of artists like Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera and Kylie Minogue. Her love affair with EDM happened much later thanks to Avicii and other DJs/ Producers across the EDM circuit such as Armin van Buuren, Swedish House Mafia, Tiesto, Calvin Harris, Jax Jones, Meduza, and more. The fusion she achieves between an already iconic sounding, soaring vocal and the thumping, addictive beats of EDM is irresistible. Absorbing the influences of aforementioned producers, together with vocal influences from Cascada, Nadia Ali, Medina, Jess Glynne, and Daya, STAMINA has crafted her own sound, packed with explosive potential ahead of the release of her EP ‘It’s In My Name’.

Tasters of her exciting ability to elevate a track promise a steep trajectory in 2021, particularly with her EP’s main single ‘Scorpio Szn’. ‘Scorpio Szn’ feels like stalking the corridors of a neon bleached club deep into the night. An ominous thumping base line provides the foundations over which STAMINA’s detached, icy cool vocal floats. The track is swimming in atmosphere, dark and driven; it’s sure to soundtrack the most intense of parties. By contrast, ‘Let Go of Your Ego’, ‘Experimental’, and ‘Crash and Burn’ beam with holiday sunshine. As if made for the Ibiza beach scene, and in anticipation of the Australian summer, these tracks feel like a summer smash brimming with euphoria. A more haunting, yet hypnotic and dreamy feel is given to ‘Alone, Not Lonely’. In this track, STAMINA was inspired by Imogen Heap’s classic ‘Hide and Seek’, a song created solely out of Imogen’s voice. Finally, in STAMINA’s ‘Moon and Stars’, her sparkling vocal wings stretch over delicate piano and floats above a kind of 90s and naughties influenced techno, forging a rich alchemy that lands the listener on a dance floor somewhere at 2am.

There is something new yet familiar here at the same time; STAMINA’s voice both echoes incredible singers of the past whilst remaining utterly original. Her voice carries a heartbreaking ballad all on its own. With such diversity, STAMINA lays down the gauntlet as once of the most exciting artists to hit the club scene for 2021. Having enraptured crowds across Australia and America, STAMINA is ready to take to the stage and launch her significant talent to an international audience. 2020 looks set to prime the world for STAMINA; 2021 will be her year. With a powerful fusion of Electro-Pop, House and Electronica, STAMINA is an EDM vocalist with a special ability to move people, both physically on the dance floor, and emotionally within the soul, as her voice connects with the listener in a way that very few can. Follow and listen to STAMINA’s journey, today.

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STAMINA is launching her debut album "It's In My Name" on Wednesday the 30th December. Hear it first from 12:00pm Wednesday with her latest track "Scorpio Szn" right here on V1RADIO!